Pay per click services

  • Account & Campaign Setup
  • Keyword Research & Ad Copy Creation
  • Landing Page selection
  • bid management
  • strategic reporting & Optimization

SEo services

  • Competitive Analysis
  • keyword research
  • on page optimization
  • Link Building
  • Strategic Reporting & Optimization

Social Media services

  • Social media account creation
  • Ongoing management
  • brand enhancement
  • Bandicoot buzz analysis
  • Social Media Marketing

about Bandicoot Search

Bandicoot Search Marketing exists to help small to medium sized businesses best utilize the power of search engine marketing to effectively reach new customers and increase brand awareness.

The global recession has had positive effects, too. High unemployment rates across the nation have led to record numbers of new startups, creating an ever-growing wave of small to medium-sized businesses. As the system, procedures, and strategies for success behind the management of PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, SEO and Social Media become more complex, the need has grown for advertisers to enlist knowledgeable professionals to navigate the fascinating world of search engine marketing.

our two cents

At Bandicoot, we believe that Search Engine Marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising ever developed...if you know how to use it. Even in an economic recession, small businesses and multi-million dollar enterprises alike flock to Google, Yahoo and Bing to advertise. We seek to provide professional search engine marketing and search engine optimization services for those who are looking to grow their businesses in an intelligent, ROI-focused, and extremely trackable way.


  • continually Increasing popularity among consumers
  • extreme trackability
  • highest roi of most online marketing channels
  • flexibile model allows for immediate adjustments
  • popularity of use drives constant positive innovation